the melodic techno we forgot about mix

the melodic techno we forgot about mix

The world of techno is vast and ever-evolving, but there are those timeless tracks that, even years later, have the power to send shivers down our spine. Transcend is taking a step back, diving deep into the vaults of melodic techno's golden age, rediscovering classics that have left an indelible mark. These are tracks we've grooved to, loved, and somehow lost along the way – until now.

Our mix is peppered with gems from Afterlife Records, a testament to the imprint's unparalleled vision in curating sounds that transcend time. Expect immersive trips through the cosmos, guided by legends like Innellea, Jan Blomqvist, Monolink, and Tale Of Us. Each track is a sonic journey, a combination of ethereal harmonies and intricate rhythms that truly feel otherworldly.

  • Intro
  • Innellea - It's Us
  • Jan Blomqvist, Rodriguez Jr. - Maybe Not (Rodriguez Jr. Extended Remix)
  • Monolink, Tale Of Us - Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix)
  • Natascha Polke - Hide Away
  • Hollt - Orbital Love
  • Kaz James, Nick Morgan - Twisted
  • Moonwalk, Undercatt - Solaris
  • Adriatique, Name One - Midnight Walking feat. Name One
  • Ross Quinn, Fideles - Away With Me (Fideles Remix - Extended)
  • Jan Blomqvist - Canopee des Cime

Whether you're hearing these tracks for the first time or rekindling an old love, this mix promises a beautiful escape. A nod to the pioneers of melodic techno, a style characterized by its soul-stirring sounds and ability to transport listeners to the stars and beyond.

So strap in, close your eyes, and let us guide you through the constellations of forgotten classics. Remember: In the vast expanse of the universe, music is our true North Star.

Stay cosmic, 
Transcend Team


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