Journey Beyond with Melodic Techno: Tale of Us and the Titans of Sound

Journey Beyond with Melodic Techno: Tale of Us and the Titans of Sound

In the labyrinthine world of techno, there's melodic techno – a genre that beckons listeners to embark on auditory odysseys. This mix stitches together the ethereal with the kinetic, creating a soundscape that's both evocative and invigorating. And at the helm? None other than the giants of melodic techno: Tale Of Us, Guy Gerber, ARTBAT, and more.


  • Tale Of Us - Notte senza fine (Kiasmos Remix)
  • §ME - The Rapture Pt.Il
  • Guy Gerber, &ME - What To Do (&ME Remix)
  • Sebastien Leger - Rocket To Lee's Little Cloud
  • Ae:ther - Raven
  • Tale Of Us - Nova
  • ARTBAT - Prometheus
  • Tale Of Us - Distante (Woo York Remix)
  • Tale Of Us - Alla sera (Kettenkarussell's Triangle Player Rework)
  • Energy 52, Tale Of Us - Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix)
  • Tale Of Us - North Star

The narrative painted by Tale Of Us is always one of a journey. From the rhythmic cadence of "Nova" to the dreamlike sequences in "Notte senza fine," there's a cinematic quality that feels vast yet intimate. And when you have ARTBAT’s “Prometheus” and Sebastien Leger's "Rocket To Lee's Little Cloud" threading through, it's evident that this is a pilgrimage of sound. Every track, every beat pulls the listener further into a universe where the boundaries between dream and reality blur.

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So, plug in, close your eyes, and let these titans of melodic techno transport you to realms unseen and emotions unfelt. It's a journey, and you're invited.

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